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New Leaf, your acupuncture clinic in Zurich. Centrally located, open until 8pm. 

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture

There's an increasing demand for natural ways to support the aging process. Cosmetic acupuncture gives beauty a new face: Old knowledge meets modern methods, the opposing yin and yang are brought into balance. 

The face serves as a mirror for the state of soul and body. This is why cosmetic acupuncture does not only focus on aesthetic treatment, but also optimizes the individual constitution through additional body-acupuncture points. The method harmoniously combines aesthetics and health, helping you to achieve outer beauty as well as inner balance. 



Can stimulate collagen production regulate muscle tone

Eliminates fine lines, reduces larger wrinkles

Reduces sagging skin and bags under the eyes

Reduces double chin and drooping eyelids

Improves metabolism

Improves local blood and lymphatic circulation

Improves complexion

Reduces stress

Promotes health and well-being



Treatment time: 1 hour including acupressure and face massage

Number of treatments: 12-15

Treatment frequency: once a week

Pain: Minimal due to the use of extremely fine needles made of stainless steel

Costs: 132 CHF Classical body acupuncture + 50 CHF Cosmetic acupuncture

Initial consultation: free